The Customer Is Always Right: Three Ways Implementing An SAP Cloud Can Improve Your Customer Service

6 October 2016
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As a business owner, you know how important is is to provide your customers with top notch customer service. Customer service that goes above and beyond increases your percentage of repeat customers and helps drive new clients to your business. One way to improve your level of customer service is to integrate an SAP cloud. Consider these three ways that implementing an SAP cloud can raise your company's customer service quality.

1. All of Your Employees Have Access to the Same Information

An SAP cloud allows your employees to enter notes and customer information into a cloud that is accessible by multiple employees. Conversations, account information, and ticket details are just a few things you can include in the cloud.

Using the SAP cloud keeps notes synchronized and up to date. The days of agents scrambling trying to figure out who a customer talked to last and what was said are a thing of the past. Instead, your employees are able to pick where the last agent left off, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing frustration for all who are involved.

2. You Can Better Monitor Employee Performance

Most businesses choose to include complete conversations between customers and agents in the SAP cloud. Since you are able to access these interactions right after they occur, you can quickly tend to any issues with employee performance.

A written record of customer interactions helps you coach your employees using concrete examples. There is also no disputing what was actually said, since the whole conversation is saved in the SAP cloud.

3. SAP Cloud Expands the Channels for Customer Service

Since all of your pertinent customer information is contained in a single location, you can expand the way that your company provides quality customer service. Your organization can provide customer service via phone, real time chat, email, and customer visits.

Some companies even choose to start handling customer complaints via social media. With the SAP cloud, you can open up a ticket and provide all of the details concerning the customer's complaint and account information.

With the use of an SAP cloud for service, you can even have at-home agents to provide assistance outside of normal business hours for a truly remarkable customer service experience.

Business owners know that utilizing the latest technology is one way to keep their company up to date. By implementing an SAP cloud, you are able to expand and improve your customer service. Better customer service is essential for optimal business growth, improved customer retention, and increasing your company's profit.