Tips For Staging Your Home On A Modest Budget

27 July 2016
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One of the things that many real estate professionals recommend to increase the chances of selling a house is to work with a home staging company to help create an environment that will appease potential buyers. Unfortunately, those services can be costly. Here are a few tips to help you stage your home without having to invest a lot of money up front.

Start With Elimination Of Clutter

Walk through each room of your house and look at it with a critical eye. Think about what a prospective buyer might be looking for. Do you have stacks of magazines in the corner or a lot of collectibles on display? Prospective buyers may see those things as clutter, so it's best to clear them out.

You'll also want to go minimal on the furniture. Put just enough furniture in each room to give it a sense of function, but not so much that the room is overwhelmed. Many home stagers recommend eliminating a lot of the furnishings from each room so that prospective buyers see the room for the space in it, not the furnishings.

Clean out closets, pantry cabinets and the like as well. Remember that prospective buyers will look inside every closet, drawer and cabinet, so make sure that they are all clean, organized and free of clutter.

Create An Inviting Kitchen

Kitchen designs can make or break a home sale. Make sure that yours is showing its full potential by taking time to get everything organized. You don't have to invest a lot of money into upgrades if you just make the most of what you have. For example, instead of replacing the countertops, re-grout the tile to give it a fresh, new look. At the same time, repaint your cupboard doors so that everything looks like new. If you really want a cost-effective way to make your kitchen look different, you can pick up some custom drawer and cabinet pulls at an antique shop or local cabinet store.

Don't Overlook The Bathroom

Another room that can be significant in your home showings is the bathroom. Consider stripping peeled wallpaper and then applying humidity-safe paint to the walls. This will help you give the bathroom a well-maintained look. Then, take time to put out matching towels and some decorative soaps. This makes the bathroom feel more spa-like, which is welcoming to prospective buyers. Finally, take all of those medications and personal care items out of the medicine cabinet and bathroom drawers. Store them in a locked box somewhere out of sight so that potential buyers can picture themselves in the house, not you and your personal care routines.

With these tips, you can stage your home before that first open house without stretching your budget. For more tips to market homes for sale, talk with your real estate agent today.