Staying Safe When You Are A Senior

20 June 2016
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Aging brings many challenges, and one is the increased fear of being a crime victim. Even if you keep yourself fit as you age, the fact is that you will still seem more vulnerable to criminals. However, you can take steps to protect yourself and keep these predators at bay. 

Self Defense Methods

You do not have to become a martial arts expert to learn some effective defensive moves. Find out if your local gym offers a class focused on senior self-defense. The basic eye-gouge and crotch-kick can work as well as other moves that do not require a lot of strength. Holding your keys so that they can be used as a weapon is also an effective strategy.


Perhaps the best defense method is simple awareness.You know to be alert, but classes exist that can teach you strategies to protect yourself. You do need to be constantly aware of your surroundings and carry yourself confidently. Never load yourself down with packages. If you are at the grocery store, choose to drive around for your purchases or ask for someone to carry them out for you. If someone makes you feel threatened, do not hesitate to yell for help. If you are wrong, all you risk is a little embarrassment. If at all possible, do not go places alone, especially at night. There truly is more safety in numbers. 

Self-Defense Aids

You can invest in pepper spray or similar product that can render a criminal temporarily helpless.You may even invest in a stun gun, but remember that some items can be taken and used against you. If you don't feel comfortable with that option, you can invest in a personal alarm device that will make a racket when pressed. Some alarm systems can be programmed to send texts to your family and friends telling them where you are and that you are in danger. You can also use anything on your person to fight back. If you have a cane, you can swing it at an attacker and possibly inflict enough injury to stop the assault and/or theft. 

When you become a senior citizen, you may become more of a target for some thieves. You can employ several methods to keep yourself safer. Self-defense and defensive awareness courses, like those offered by CFISA, are two excellent options for you. You can also invest in some protective devices. Take common sense safety measures, and then go out and enjoy your life.