App Age: Make Your Small Business Smartphone-Friendly & Boost Performance

2 February 2016
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Your small business doesn't need to feel small, especially if you apply some of the new technologies available to you. You can become bigger and newsworthy by simply adopting some new phone-friendly technologies. This guide will help show you a few technologies available and why they are so important to you and your overall performance.

Why Updating Is Important

The simple reason why your business needs to become phone-friendly is because people use their phones a lot more than you can imagine. The average American spends about 4.7 hours of their day on their phone, and your business should try to get into that time.

Become More Smartphone-Friendly

Consider some of the following:

Modernize Rewards

You know how much customers love to be rewarded for being part of your clientele because it makes them feel appreciated, and it encourages loyalty. But, the punch card reward system is a bit dated, not to mention that it is not eco-friendly (which is very important in this day and age). Do not fret, because there are some apps that help turn that same idea into a modern one that your customers will enjoy. 

All you have to do is choose a loyalty rewards app and sync your information into it. Your customers can download this app and have their visits rewarded after your predetermined goal.

The Push Notifications Advantage

Another way you can have your small business benefit from new technologies is by developing your own app. One advantage of your own app is the push notification feature. All you have to do is have a software developer create an app for your business. A survey concluded that 6 out 10 adults (out of 1,200 people) download apps associated with a brand they support,  and most of them turn their notifications on.

That means that you can tell your customers about new deals or services. You can notify them when an order is ready or have them search your inventory (or list of services) before they come into your place of business.

Developing your own app opens up a world of possibilities that will kick start your small business into a new digital age, which your customers should appreciate. Or you can just have your customers download apps that allow them to be connected to you if you do not want to make your own app. But, the point is that stepping into this new digital age is very important. For more information, contact a business that helps with business performance training.