Three Tips For New Network Marketers In Home-Based Direct Sales Businesses

29 June 2015
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Becoming a successful network marketer for a direct sales business requires hard work and excitement about your product, but these two things alone won't increase your earnings. As a new network marketer, you need to also focus on building the skills necessary to be successful in sales. The following three tips are especially useful for new marketers seeking to improve their skills quickly.

Tip #1: Branch Out Beyond Your Personal Network

Anyone with a social media account is well aware of the one person that is constantly spamming their personal feed with business ads or throwing online sales parties. While these can be legitimate ways to garner direct sales, it can also be a great way to annoy your friends and family if you over do it.

A major mistake of new network marketers is to only depend on your immediate network for business. This may work great for a month or two, but then it will drop off. Instead, begin building a new network. You can do this via referrals, with the help of online presence, by setting up speaking engagements, or through a series of local classes. For example, if you sell cookware via home parties, offer local cooking classes (complete with food). Clients will show up for the free or inexpensive class and then likely purchase some of the cookware on offer. Even better, these new customers can then give you referrals to potential customers, thus expanding your network without annoying your relatives. Get creative and look for opportunities that others in your line aren't tapping.

Tip #2: Train Wisely

As a network marketer you should never stop training yourself. Personal growth is how you stay ahead in this business. There are a lot of network marketing training programs out there, and your product line probably makes even more options available. Avoid the trap of information overload or of training more than you spend time earning, though. Pick and choose the company training opportunities that are most likely to fill in skills gaps you have or teach you something new. For example, if you are great at finding new leads, but have trouble closing a sale, take a training class on closing but skip the class on lead generating. You can better spend your time elsewhere.

If you are looking for a training program on your own, pick one or two that really call out to you. You want one that matches your personal marketing style but can teach you something new. For example, pick a program with an online marketing focus if you are more skilled in face-to-face sales.

Tip #3: Find a Mentor

Mentors are one of the best things you can do for increasing your skills and improving your business. Look for a mentor that embodies how you want to be in the business. This can be someone in your current sales line that you know in real life, or it can be an online teacher. Your goal is to learn what your mentor knows and to emulate their marketing behavior. The best mentors are available to provide you with direct advice, either through personal communication or via thorough training materials. Many network marketing and direct sales training programs also offer mentor programs to help you further develop your direct sales skills.