Employment Screening: 3 Specific Occasions When You Should Repeat Background Checks

23 June 2015
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While it is extremely important to ensure your candidates for a position undergo extensive employment screening, including background checks, before receiving a job offer, it is just as important to repeat this screening in certain instances throughout the year and the candidate's tenure at your company. This is to protect your company's overall well-being. Here are three situations when you should definitely have your employees re-screened:

1. Before Giving an Employee a Promotion.

This is an important time in an employee's life – receiving a promotion – but it is also a crucial stepping stone in your company. As a general rule, a higher security clearance is provided when a person is promoted into another position. This means that they will have access to more sensitive data of the company, such as company facilities, customer data, company infrastructure and proprietary data. Therefore, you need to protect your company and its assets by requiring all candidates for a promotion be re-screened before officially receiving said promotion.

2. Before Hiring or Rehiring Volunteers.

You may not think at first that volunteers have much to do with your company's integrity and security, especially since they are only at the company minimal hours each week and for a few months at a time. However, screening volunteers should be just as important as it is with full-time workers. Volunteers may seem great when at the company, but you really have no idea what type of business that they are doing outside of work.

Therefore, it is crucial that you screen first-time volunteers and re-screen volunteers each time they come back to work with the company. This should be done before they are allowed to interact with staff members, customers and clients.

3. Before Allowing Employees to Work with Children.

Most state governments are beginning to take much more action when it comes to employment screening for individuals working with children. This is true whether the employee is a volunteer or a full-time employee with a college education. For example, in Pennsylvania, school employees (from teachers to contractors) are required to submit to a background check every 36 months.

In Rhode Island, employees are required to undergo employment screening every 12 months. This type of clearance may not be required everywhere, but it can be a stipulation that you place in your company contract. You can never be too careful when it comes to the children in your community.

As you can see, background checks should not ever be a one-and-done procedure. Reduce your company's liability risk by contacting an employment screening company today to have all of your employees repeat background checks and other screening procedures.