How To Keep Your Customers Happy

9 June 2015
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As a business owner, you know that nothing else matters unless your customers are satisfied. This is a simple truth that is sometimes neglected by employees who become complacent in their positions. Building and maintaining customer satisfaction means training your employees to be positive and attentive.

Role Playing

Although your employees may be hesitant, insist that they roleplay the following:

  • Greet the customers. This step is a basic one that is often neglected. A simple "Hello" followed by an offer to assist them really helps elevate their comfort level.

  • Qualify the customer. You need to ask a series of questions to determine what the customer actually wants. The customers feel valued and get what they actually need.

  • Do not argue with unhappy customers. Simply listen and offer reassurance that you will follow up on their complaint until it is resolved.

  • Thank them for coming in when they leave.

Positive Language

Teaching your employees positive language will help customers remain satisfied, even when the news is disappointing. For instance, a customer wants to order a sofa, but that model is back-ordered for a month. Instead of saying, "I'm so sorry. That item is out for four weeks. Do you still want to order it?" Teach them to say, "Good news!  That sofa will be in next month. Let's get it ordered for you right now.

Customer Feedback

Getting customer feedback and then acting on it are necessary to keep your customers happy and coming back to your business. NPS (Net Promoter Scores) consulting measures customer satisfaction. These scores are determined by the answer to one question, "How likely is it that you'll recommend this product to a friend or colleague?" The customers then score their responses from 0 - 10. The customers are then grouped as  follows:

  • Promoters: 9-10

  • Passives: 7-8

  • Detractors: 0-6

Net promoter consultants analyze these scores and advise you on what they mean and how you can improve your ratings. This method has proven to be an effective tool in creating customer satisfaction. You must teach your employees to "sell" customers on providing this feedback online.

Creating a business that offers an excellent product is not enough. You need to train your employees to provide a positive customer experience for everyone who walks through the door. In addition, you need to enlist the help of net promoter consulting to track customer satisfaction and offer ways to improve it.